Gordon Highlanders 1914 - 1918


  • The Gordon Highlanders 1914-18 exist to re-create as accurately as possible the life of the soldiers of the Gordon Highlanders during the Great War 1914-18.
  • We will respect the history, customs and traditions of the Regiment.
  • We will not concentrate on a single battalion of the Gordons, but will aim to be able to represent all battalions, Regular, Territorial and Service, as required.
  • Given the evolution of the uniform and the costs involved, the first priority for all recruits will be to concentrate on the period 1916 onwards.
  • We will take part as required in the full range of re-enactment and living history activities, from individual talks and displays, to education, to setting up and manning living history encampments, to arena displays to full scale battle re-enactments.
  • We will not operate as a business, but from time to time may undertake engagements primarily designed to supplement unit funds.
  • We will aim for the highest standards in all out activities, including dress, equipment and presentation.
  • We will behave courteously at all times towards other re-enactors and members of the public.
    We will seek to co-operate with all re-enactment and living history groups with a common interest and common commitment to standards.
  • Women will be welcome to join the unit in any role (nurses etc., local civilians) compatible with a tented encampment behind the lines.
  • Young adults may join as soldiers (or nurses etc) as long as they are sufficiently grown to appear as young (possibly even under-age) soldiers.
  • Younger children may join as local (i.e. French or Belgian) civillians, as long as they are accompanied by their parents.
  • Cross dressing is not permitted.